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PLEASE NOTE: I have a new phone number and email address.

was founded in 1973 and since then has been breeding and showing line-bred Himalayans. Located in upstate New York, their kitties have their own rooms in a "cat house" where they enjoy sleeping in a sunny window or watching for visitors from their second-story residence. Each male has his own room and a few females that he is entitled to breed at will. This "cat house" was built specifically for our cats, so that they could live uncaged and free to exercise. We specialize in Flame Points but do have other colors available from time to time.

After 33 years as President of The Atlantic Himalayan Club, I have now retired to focus on raising Exotic short haired kittens and cats - mostly in the colorpoint patterns. We have Blue Cream Lynx Points, Blue Points, Cream Points, Flame Points and Tortie Points all with brilliant blue eyes. We breed for Show Cats and select some in each litter to be sold as pets. I am also a member of the Salt City Cat Club -- (click here to visit their web page) as well as a member of the 2005 CFA Breed Council.

The first time I saw a Himalayan I was stunned. It was so striking that I couldn't catch my breath -- I was so overwhelmed by its beauty.

I started with a seal point male that I bought with money my husband had given me for a coat. He wasn't happy when I told him I thought he had said "cat". So I settled for a used coat in the bargain basement of a church. I knew this breed was the start of something wonderful.

From Beach Haven Cattery, I purchased ACFA Grand Champion Bonniver's Bhai, a blue point male from JoAnn Carvill. From Bonnie Vierregger I bought Bonniver's Truffles. From these cats, I produced my first CFA Grand Champion, Madame Nu's Zodiac, in 1978. Following this were two more Grand Champions in the same year, Madame Nu's Soft Touch and Madame Nu's Velvet Knickers -- a one-show grand. Not only was I thrilled, but I was hooked.

We don't have any children; raising these kitties has been a lifelong hobby for us and fulfilled my need to nurture some little ones.

Someone once asked me how I knew a kitten would grand and I replied, "It is born smiling." Actually, I don't qualify them until they open their eyes -- if the expression is sweet, it may be a "keeper".

Our foundation males were all CFA Grand Champions and produced blendable lines to complement most of the present-day winning Himalayan lines in CFA:

  • GRC Madame Nu's Zodiac
  • GRC Madame Nu's Velvet Knickers
  • CH Madame Nu's Tommy Gunn
  • GRC Madame Nu's Dustin TIme
  • GRC Madame Nu's ESP
  • GRC Madame Nu's Equinox
  • GRC, NW Madame Nu's Sakes Alive!
  • GRC Madame Nu's Sheer Energy, DM

We had other Grands -- more than 50 in all -- but the above eight cats were our outstanding producing males. We have had some outstanding females also:

  • GRC Madame Nu's Merriweather
  • GRC Madame Nu's Sheer Illusion
  • GRC Madame Nu's Sugar Foots
  • GRC Madame Nu's ETA
  • CH Madame Nu's Alotta Brass, DM
  • CH Madame Nu's Ann Kelly

We are pleased that many of our cats were successful producers in other catteries. Some of these include GRC Madame Nu's Face Value (France), CH Madame Nu's Sheer Joy, DM (Rainydays cattery), and GRC Madame Nu's Good Vibes of Prancenpaws, who has produced about eleven CFA grands.

We've produced three cats with Distinguished Merit Awards:

  • CH Madame Nu's Alotta Brass, DM
  • CH Madame Nu's Sheer Joy of Rainyday, DM
  • GRC Madame Nu's Sheer Energy, DM

In order for a cat to receive a "DM" award, a female must produce 5 or more CFA grands and a male must produce 15 or more CFA grands. We seldom take more than two or three litters from a queen before spaying her and placing her in a pet home. We also do not provide outside stud service. Therefore, our DMs are limited because we don't seek awards which conflict with the aims of our own breeding program. Additionally, we seldom do repeat breedings unless we're looking for a different sex than what we have obtained.


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